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Temaki sushi

Niseko Hirafuzaka
TEMAKI Izakaya&Premium Marche

Stimulate your senses and knowledge by making your own hand-rolled sushi.

Temaki sushi is a dish that is eaten with ingredients sandwiched between sheets of nori seaweed, and is an auspicious food that has the meaning of ``bringing in good fortune and bringing in good fortune.'' We provide a special experience through Japanese food culture.

Inside the store, you can casually experience hand-rolled sushi, a traditional Japanese culture, while communicating with the staff.
You can also enjoy many of Japan's popular izakaya dishes in a casual and comfortable izakaya style. Live crabs and seafood swim in the fish tank inside the restaurant, and the ingredients are fresh. Please enjoy the blessings of Hokkaido's sea and mountains.
At the attached Premium Marche, you can buy delicious food from all over Japan, as well as special souvenirs sold only here by Hokkaido producers.
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SANKAITEI is hand-rolled sushi restaurant
Enjoy high-quality Japanese food culture with freshly harvested vegetables and fresh seafood grown in the nature of Hokkaido.
Every ingredient and dish was created to create the ultimate experience.
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Hokkaido gourmet
SANKAITEI's SAN means Mountain
The breath of the distant earth.
Freshly harvested meat and vegetables grown in the nature and climate of Niseko overlooking Mt.Special ingredients purchased under our own contract.
SANKAITEI's KAI means Ocean
A powerful scent of the sea.
Here in the mountains of Niseko,we have prepared a large fish cage to provide the best freshness and taste.We will even bring you the scent of the ocean.
SANKAITEI's TEI means Izakaya
"Izakaya" is a place of healing.
An izakaya is a place where you can not only enjoy food but also soothe your body and mind with delicious food and a relaxing space.
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